Answering each question completely, using citations and refe

Answering each question completely, using citations and references as appropriate. Each question should be a cohesive, thought-out ‘essay’ not just bulleted or shortened answers. *(see attachment that may help answering some question)Section 1Discuss how a department of an Emergency Medical services (EMS) system could be considered both part of the operational and administrative divisions . Explain how to make the determination into which division to place a deportment.Section 2Which division of and EMS system seems to be the most important to success? How do you make sure the sub-departments of this division are successful enough to carry the division.Additionally, discuss the benefits vs costs of subcontracting departments. Which departments can be sub-contracted and what problems could these sub-contracts cause?MandatoryDefine AND discuss the following departments and how they are vital to EMS systems.1. Legislation 2. Regulation3. Worker’s Compensation4. Pension systems5. PTO6. FTE7. PTE8. Exempt vs non-exempt employees9. Benefits