Answer the&nbsp 3 questionsbelow. Answer each questions with an

Answer the  3 questionsbelow. Answer each questions with an essay of between 1500 and1800 words each (body of your paper – don’t count front or end matter). Groundyour response in course materials and concepts. Cite all sources according toAPA guidelines. You will be graded on your ability to write clearly anddirectly, to develop your work in a clear and logical manner, and your abilityto tie your response to appropriate source material. 1. Accountability is one of the key values in PublicAdministration.  Using references fromthe assigned readings, discuss the issues involved in making publicorganizations accountable.  To whom arepublic officials accountable?  What arethe most effective means of ensuring a balance between the demands foraccountability and the need to have high-performing organizations?2. You have just been hired with an MPA degree by CityManager Richard Towns, who has been in his position at Center City for 25years.  He asks you to brief him on thetwo or three most important recent developments or issues in publicadministration that he needs to be aware of, based on your coursework at UB.Prepare a briefing paper based on the topics we covered in this semester’sclass.3. Discuss the following statement with reference to thecourse readings: “Public problems are too big and complex for any singleorganization, jurisdiction, or agency to handle on their own.  Collaboration and cooperation are necessary,between levels of government and the public, not-for-profit, and privatesectors.” What are the ways in which collaboration is being fostered in today’ssystem of governance?  What are thestrengths and possible drawbacks of greater collaboration in pursuit of publicgoals?