Airport Design and Construction

Airport design and construction are fundamental practices in the 21st century. Air transport is rapidly expanding, creating the need for more airports with the capacity to handle passengers from all over the world.

For this activity, prepare a presentation to solicit support for the establishment of an airport. You will research and select the location for your airport. You may choose any location (national or international) that you wish as well as any type of airport.
Your presentation must include:

  • The airport location
  • The airport type
  • Funding/revenue sources for airport construction and operation
  • Steps involved duringĀ its design, development, and construction
  • Environmental considerations

Your presentation must include speaker notes. Any sources must be acknowledged using APA format, both for in-text citations and reference list. For more details about APA formatting, be sure to read APA guidelines here. If you still find it difficult to reference your sources, reach out to the librarian for further assistacne.

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