Acid-Base Water, pH and pOH Worksheet1.Assuming 100% ionizat

Acid-Base Water, pH and pOH Worksheet1.Assuming 100% ionization of HCl in dilute solutions, what is the pH of 0.010 M HCl? 2.Determine the [OH-], [H3O+], pOH and pH of a 0.01 mol/L KOH solution.3.Determine the [OH-], [H3O+], pOH and pH of a 0.045 mol/L HCl solution. 4.What is the [H3O+] of a solution having a pH of 3.4? 5.If nitric acid is 100% ionized in a 0.0050 M solution, what is the pH of this solution? 6.A sodium hydroxide solution is prepared by dissolving 6.0 g NaOH in 1.00 L of solution. Assuming that 100% dissociation occurs, what is the pOH and the pH of this solution? 7.A solution was made by dissolving 0.837 g Ba(OH)2 in 100 mL final volume. If Ba(OH)2 is fully broken up into its ions, what is the pOH and the pH of this solution? 8.A certain brand of beer had a hydrogen ion concentration equal to 1.9 X 10-5 mol/L. What is the pH of this beer? 9.A soft drink was put on the market [H+]=1.4 X 10-5 mol/L. What is its pH? 10.Calculate the value of both pH and pOH of the following solutions. (a) 0.020 M HCl (b) 0.0050 M NaOH (c) A blood specimen containing 7.2 x 10-8  H+ mole/L. Is the blood specimen slightly acidic or slightly basic? (d) 0.00035 M Ba(OH)2, where this compound has to be considered to be 100% dissociated. 11. â€˜Calcareous soil is soil rich in calcium carbonate (lime). The pH of such soil generally ranges from just over 7 to as high as 8.3. What value of [H+] corresponds to a pH of 8.3? Is the soil slightly acidic or slightly basic? 12.Find the values of [H+], pOH and [OH-] that correspond to each of the following values of pH. (a) 2.90 (the approximate pH of lemon juice) (b) 3.85 ( the approximate pH of sauerkraut) (c) 10.81 (the pH of milk of magnesia) (d) 4.11 (the pH of orange juice, on the average) (e) 11.61 (the pH of dilute, household ammonia) 13.Estimate the percentage ionization of acetic acid in solutions with concentrations of (a) 0.010 M and (b) 0.0010 M. 14.What is the pOH of a 0.010 M NaOH solution? What is the pH of this solution? 15.Determine the [OH-], [H3O+], pOH and pH of a 0.001 M KOH solution.16.Calculate the [H3O+], [OH-], pH and pOH of these solutions; a) 1.0 M HCl, b) 0.50 M HNO3, c) 0.0020 M HClO4, d) 1.5 X 10-4 M KOH, e) a solution prepared by dissolving 0.040 g NaOH in 2.0 L of solution,f) a solution prepared by diluting 1.0 mL of 0.20 M HCl to a total volume of 5.0 L, g) a solution made by dissolving 0.10 mol Na2O in 1.0 L of solution.