A : Research Paper & Annotated BibliographyTopic Due: Sunday

A : Research Paper & Annotated BibliographyTopic Due: Sunday, March 5th by 8pm ( Childe abuse ) or tell me today what topic fits you ( a narrowed topic )<^(For tutor> I need this in a word document ).Annotated Bibliographies Due: March 25th **(( 1 ))** and also the paper but tell me how much time you need . Conferences: March 31.PAPER DUE: Friday, April 3 (by 5pm )For this assignment, you will research an issue within one of your communities. The purpose of your writing here is to (effectively and clearly) convey to your readers the relevant information about the community and the issue(s) facing that community. And then, through research, propose possible and practical solutions to the problem. You will want to clearly address in your paper the following: What is the issue facing that community? How and/or why is it an issue? Is there background information your readers need to know in order to better understand this issue and/or how it became an issue? What are other writers and sources saying about this issue? Are other writers providing/proposing suggestions or possible solutions? What are other writers and sources failing to consider? Can you make a suggestion or contribution there? Finally, suggest your own solution (or solutions) to the problem. And do so logically, with support (grounded in evidence). What (practical) steps do you think can/need to be taken in order to improve this issue? All the while, don’t forget to mention the possible challenges these steps might have. *If you are really interested in exploring (researching) a topic that is not necessarily connected to a community that you are a part of, that’s okay as well (as long as you get the topic approved by me). Mostly, I just want you to be invested and genuinely interested in your topic—so if there’s something you’re eager to investigate, let’s talk about it! Goals: Goals of this Research Paper are to gather information on a topic/ issue/ community; to use sources effectively to prove and support your argument; to inform your readers; to articulately describe a community and their issue to your readers (audience: the people who would care about this community AND those who can fix the problem); to use critical thinking to provide a solution or solutions; and to use rhetoric (ethos, pathos, and logos) to appeal to your audience.Why use sources? To learn! Gain knowledge on the topic and to learn more about professional writing through reading itTo enrich your argumentTo provide grounding and evidence for your argumentTo connect to your audience (providing proof and building credibility)To anticipate and speak to the counterarguments (the opposing views)To enter into the “conversation” To contribute to the conversation You will need 5-6 sources in your Annotated Bibliography and need to use 3-4 sourcesfrom your Annotated Bibliography in your Research Paper. The types of sources you use can vary (print, online, articles, books, TED talks etc), but your sources must be credible. Decipher credible sourcesProposing a Topic: (For tutor> I need this in a word document )We will explore possible topics (creating lists of your communities) in class. You will brainstorm with classmates to narrow down your topic. And then you will propose your topic to me for approval. The purpose of “checking” your topic with me is really for your own benefit. I want to make sure that you are choosing a topic that will be open enough for you to find sources, but also ”narrow” enough to have a compelling argument and research paper. Furthermore, the more interested you are in the topic you choose, the more invested you’ll be in your research (and in reading and working with your sources)!Researching (Using the Database): (For tutor> I need this in a word document )We will work on research (finding sources) in class. You will also have two days with the librarians to further improve your research skills. Furthermore, we will spend time in class exploring how to effectively incorporate your research (sources) into your paper. Thesis:Your paper will need a clear, true thesis. You will need a clear “main point”/ argument that your paper is centered around. We will explore this in class, too. Annotated Bibliography:The Annotated Bibliography is ultimately a means of organizing your sources and keeping you on track with your research. The annotated bibliography will help you when using sources in your paper. We will not be doing an extended annotated bibliography (as you may go on to do in higher level courses), but will simply be writing 1-2 short paragraphs about each source (providing a summary of the source, the author’s main point, how you could use the source in your paper, how you know the source is credible/reliable, and about 2 quotes from the source that will be useful for your essay). You will need at least 5 sources in your annotated bibliography. The Nitty Gritty:12pt. font, Ariel or Times New Roman, Double Spaced/ MLA or APA citations (in text and reference page/ WORD COUNT: 1,500-1,800 (approximately)