A large and popular movie production studio would like to cr

A large and popular movie production studio would like to create an additional side adventure that leverages this week’s technologies by creating new products and user interfaces that augment theater viewing. They would also like to develop, produce, and market devices that could be used outside the theater. Management has asked you or your team to perform a feasibility study that analyzes the potential of the technology. Use the initial additional readings and templates for this week as a guide in producing the study. Write a feasibility study including a SWOT analysis for this Week’s Technologies Paper (Student to create their own title for the paper). The paper should free from spelling errors, grammatically correct, third person, and written in a professional tone. The paper should be 1000 words minimum. (Pick one new tech for this paper) Executive Summary or Table of Contents (Choose One) (Enter table of contents or a brief executive summary here) Introduction (Present an introduction to your subject matter (Augmented Reality). You may pick your item you wish to discuss as long as it pertains to AR). Purpose (Outline the reasoning for this paper). Scope (Identify the scope) History (Give a brief history of this technology) Current Systems and Processes (Describe the current systems and processes. Before the new technology is implemented) Environment (Outline the environment of this technology. For instance, a Fitbit can communicate with your smartphone and then transmit data to a server for tracking your overall activity and progress). Issues (Address issues that could be presented with this technology such as security, social acceptance, glitches and so on) Assumptions and Constraints (Identify project assumptions – these are items we believe to be true but may not be true. Assumptions add risk to a project since we cannot confirm them). Identify Project Constraints – Constraints are identified by business limitations). Objectives (Identify Objective – these are measurable objectives that describe the requirements to accomplish a project or task) Alternatives / Comparison of Alternatives (Address some alternatives to your presented technology and compare them to your chosen technology) SWOT Analysis Strengths Define Strengths Weakness Define Weakness Opportunities Define Opportunities Threats Define Threats Conclusion (Provide a brief summary of your paper and your recommendations on whether or not this technology would benefit an employer). References: (List at least two reference for this paper)