A computersystem is defined as: A system of interconnected c

A computersystem is defined as: A system of interconnected computers that share acentral storage system and various peripheral devices such asprinters, scanners, or routers. Each computer may contain an operatingsystem so that it can either operate independently or in conjunctionwith other computers. Based on the definition above please provide anexample of a system, a system that you may have used before. Pleaseanswer the following based on your example:The CommonVulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database is available forresearching vulnerabilities that have been identified and categorized ina system. Use the CVE database to search for your example and identify any recent (within 6 months) vulnerabilities that may exist.Additionally,research the vendor of the system to identify any solutions or fixesthat may have been noted for the vulnerability identified. Please listyour system and the vulnerabilities discovered for that system. Based on your research, you should also provide some comments on your findings