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It becomes clear that technology is a building process and an evolution. Without perspective, advances in navigation are unimaginable.  Without the printing press, widespread literacy does not exist.  Without challenges to the Greek system, our understanding of the Cosmos is limited to only what we can see. Using your readings, please discuss the following:

1. Choose one artist’s work and discuss how his art incorporated perspective, ratio and an understanding of physical sight and space. 

2. Discuss the evolution of our understanding of the universe from the Greek System, the Ptolemaic System and the challenges of Copernicus and Galileo to those systems. 

3. How did perspective art and advances in human’s understanding of the universe impact the era of exploration and the changing world map?

Learned about the contributions of Newton, Galileo and Copernicus.  For your discussion you must choose one of these scientists and argue that his contributions were more significant or had more impact than the other two.  In order to successfully do this , you must have an understanding of the contributions of all three to provide the comparison and support your argument.

4. Explore some of the aspects of industrialization.  Choose one topic (choices can be an area such as medicine, labor, hygiene, transportation, etc.) and discuss the impact of industrialization. Make sure you support your argument with evidence from the assigned readings.

These readings focus on the pseudo science of eugenics, and how its acceptance as a legitimate science resulted in disastrous world events.

using your readings to support your points, please discuss the following:

How did Darwin’s scientific findings and theory become twisted for social and political uses?
What is the role of racial ranking and hierarchy in some of the major events of the 20th century?
What role do eugenics or scientific racism play in our own wold today?

Readings and videos explore the role of progress/technology and their impact on the twentieth century.  Using your readings and videos, please discuss the following:

1) How was science and progress perceived in the early 20th century?  How would you compare that to the early 21st century? 

How has technology and progress changed the ways we live in our homes? How has this changed our expectations of cleanliness?