9.3 Discussion: The Future of the Internet and Cybersecurity

9.3 Discussion: The Future of the Internet and CybersecurityNo unread replies.No replies.ReviewReview the following from your readings in Activity 9.1:Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, pp. 235-256 (Singer & Friedman, 2014)Safeguarding the future of the Internet (Links to an external site.), pp. 13-15, (Pawlik, 2014)Post and EngageIn a minimum of 450 words, post answers to the following questions:Is the Internet threatened more by users who refuse to take measures to protect themselves?What can be done to convince users to take more personal responsibility? After you have posted your response to these questions, review your classmates’ responses and respond to at least two of these postings. Each response is to consist of a minimum of 200 words.Refer to the rubric for grading.