5Select a social

Select a social, economic or environmental topic from our textbook chapters (Crime, Drugs, Pollution, Education, U.S. or Global Poverty, Housing, Health Care,Social Security, Taxes – other topics must receive prior approval from the instructor). 1. Give a historical description of the selected topic or issue. 2. Explain how diverse populations may be subjected to oppression, marginalization or alienation as it relates to your selected topic or issue ( think macro- social justice). Choose one population (homeless, disabled, religious, etc). 3. Explain how the topic impacts the environment and how the environment impact the topic (PIE). 4. Explain how the issue impacts individuals and families (micro / social justice). 5. Explain why the issue is important to social work practice and name one strategy you would advocate for to improve the issue (either micro or macro strategy ). 6. Reflect upon this particular issue and share your personal feelings about the topic


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