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(4b) Please discuss both scenarios. Now that you are familiar with probation and parole programming consider the following:Alex Fallon was placed on probation one year ago for drug possession. Since his placement his adjustment has been less than stellar. He has had three positive urine screens. You have decided to place him in the drug courts. Define the drug court program and its efficiency. Be sure to conduct internet and library research to support your response.Brian Horowitz was placed on parole after a 6 month prison sentence for drug possession. Due to his unusual behavior you decide to require a random urine screen, which proves positive for cocaine. You decide to place him into a stepped care approach program. Locate research on stepped care. Define the program, and discuss the effectiveness of stepped care.Using what you know about drug courts and stepped care, compare and contrast each program. Which do you feel is most effective any why? Be sure to support your response with research.