4 paragraphs for each. assignment Assignment1Understandingth

4 paragraphs for each. assignment Assignment1Understandingthe Role of AssessmentRereadyour initial posts from both of the Unit 1 discussions. How has yourunderstanding of the role of assessment changed throughout thiscourse? What contributed to your shifts in thinking over the past 10weeks that have deepened your understanding of this area ofcounseling practice?Assignment2EthicalConsiderations of Online Assessment ToolsConsiderthe use of online assessments with the assessment tool that youutilized for the Unit 9 assignment. Make a case for whether acomputerized version of that assessment tool could be used in thescenario that you covered. What are the relevant ethicalconsiderations?Circumplex Model assessment toolTheCase of AllenAllenis a 70-year-old widowed male. He reports that he is still trying torecover from the loss of his wife, who died in an accident a yearago. He is having trouble sleeping and frequently finds himselftearful when he is alone. His children are grown and live in otherstates. They have expressed concern that he doesn’t seem himselfand they hate seeing him lonely. They are urging him to move to becloser to one of them, but he reports that he doesn’t have theenergy to pick up his life and relocate. He is seeking counseling tofind out how he can move forward in his life.