1):Question:AssignmentOf what significance was the “Tran-A

1):Question:AssignmentOf what significance was the “Tran-Atlantic Moment” in the making of the Atlantic African Diasporabetween the 15th and the 19th centuries? What efforts and with what challenges have been made byAfrican descendants of this African Diaspora to reconnect with their ancestral homeland since the 19thcentury? (40 points).2) Due Date: Monday March 13, 2017. Completed hard copies of papers shall be submitted in classduring respective class periods. No paper shall be accepted after the due date and time. No emailing ofassignments.3) Writing Style: Only the Chicago Manual Style of writing should be used throughout the paperincluding footnotes and bibliography. You must use Footnotes Citation as No MLA and/or APAwriting styles shall be accepted. Example of footnote citation:Euro-Americans are often quick to trivialize and justify America’s role in the enslavement of Africans onthe grounds that enslavement had been an old practice and was not uniquely practiced by Europeans inthe Americas.1This citation is for a published book. To cite a published article, you put the author’s name followed by aperiod (Womai Song.) followed by the title of the article in quotation marks ( “Cameroon in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.”) the name of the journal ( Journal of African Studies.) Vol. 6, no. 20 (2006), p. 35.4) Organization: The paper should include a cover page, the main text, and a reference page.i) Cover Page: This page should include from top to bottom the following information: Course numberand title, Student’s name, student’s ID number, Question (s), Course Instructor’ name, Semester, andAcademic Year.ii) Main text: This is an essay assignment and must be typed in doubled spacing. This part of the papershould include:1 Joy DeGruy. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of enduring injury and healing. (Portland: JoyDeGruy Publications Inc., 2005), p. 46.1 An engaging introduction that grabs/captivates the reader’s attention and clearly identifies andputs into perspective the major requirements/points of the question. A body that clearly, thoroughly, and insightfully addresses all aspects of the assignment.Paragraphs must be introduced by solid topic sentences and developed by providing sufficientevidence and sources to support the topic sentences and/or main point of each paragraph. Thereshould be smooth and effective transitions (using transition words and/or sentences) that linksentence to sentence, point to point, paragraph to paragraph, and one part of the paper to another.Each section or sub-section of the question must have at least four substantively developedsupporting paragraphs. Do not plagiarize as the paper shall be thoroughly checked for thisacademic misconduct during grading. A conclusion that ties together the arguments, main points, and sections of the entire paper. It alsogives you an opportunity to make personal judgments if need be.iii) References: This page includes the sources consulted and effectively used in writing the paper. .Use only the Chicago style in documenting your references (footnotes and bibliography).Names in the references (Bibliography) should be arranged in alphabetical order.5) Mechanics: Check your paper for vocabulary consistent with course content; correct spellings,punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure; appropriate formatting; run-on sentence (s); dateaccuracy; variety of sentence styles and length; and writing style.6) Sources: Some of the relevant books for the assignment include our main text, books underSuggested Readings in your syllabus, and in the libraries. You may also get published articles fromthe Jstor website. Documentaries may also be consulted for a deeper insight and varied perspectiveson the subject of the question. Your footnotes and reference page must reflect usage of at least fourpublished books and four published articles.BOOK REVIEWStudents are expected to read, prepare, type, and submit a book report on one of the following books:Rodney Walter, The Groundings With My Brothers (London: Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications, 1969).ORWhite G. Deborah, Ar’n’t I a Woman?: Female Slaves in the Plantation South ( London: W.W. Norton &Company, 1999)ORFrance W. Twine, Racism in a Racial Democracy: The Maintenance of White Supremacy in Brazil (NewJersey: Rutgers University Press, 1998)2ORAngelou Maya, All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes (New York: Random House, 1986)The book report must be double spaced typed in 4 pages not counting the cover page. It should includeamongst other parts: A brief biography of the author Its objectives/problem/arguments Its Historical Context Its scope and limitations A summary of its chapters Analytical strengths and weaknesses Its relevance to the course A clear introduction and conclusionNB: Copies of these books were presented during our first class of the semester. Students whostill need to have a look at them to make a choice can stop by my office during office hours.These books are not sold in the bookstore and it is the student’s responsibility to get a copy ofhis/her chosen book from the library, Amazon, etc.1)Due Date: In class on Monday April 10, 2017. Hard copies shall be submitted during the class period.Remember that no paper shall be accepted after the due date and time.2) Format: Double spaced typed in four pages minus the cover page3) Structure: The main text should include:i) An Introduction: This should identify the author (with a footnote that briefly summarizes his/heracademic qualifications and experiences), the book title, its objectives/problem/arguments, its scopeand limitation, type of publication, historical context, its structure, the issue, etc.ii) A Body: This part should include chapter summaries, its analytical strengths and weaknesses, itsrelevance to the course, etciii) A Conclusion that ties the paper together and states the reasons why you chose the book and whyyou will or will not recommend this book for others to read.Nota Bane: See your syllabus for other specific requirements for this part of the course assessment.Apply the same writing style, mechanics, and organization as spelled out for your assignment above.- Also attached are writing samples and book reviews for guidance purpose only3