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10 page term paper due tomorrow at midnight for Global History. The topic is Gender Inequality and Female Rights. The requirements are listed below.Global History PaperObjective: The objective of this assignment is to create a historical analysis of a theme in history. Your paper will focus on one specific issue in our contemporary global environment and go back in history to approximately 1200 A.D. and research how this issue developed over time. The purpose is not to write a chronological report but rather to create an analysis of how the issue has developed over history. You will need to investigate how various actors contributed to this development by looking at key moments in historyExample: Islamic terrorismWhat constitutes terrorism?Why is it associated with Islam?Is this association justified?How does this pose a threat?How does it differ from other use of force? Drone vs suicide bomber?How did the concept of terrorism develop?When was it first defined?What are some key moments in history in which it altered global politics?Due Date: All papers are due on May 4, 2014.  Lateness will result in a lowered grade, per the student handbook.  Topic:  A contemporary topic of your choice.Thesis: Your thesis will form over the course of your research and be based on the evidence that you find.Format: Your paper should be a minimum of 10  typed, double-spaced. (The number of pages refers to text, not the bibliography page.) Your title page should include the following information: 1) the titel 2) your name  3) ClassApparatus: All papers must include in-text citations. (See library site: ‘In-Text Citations: MLA”)  All papers must have a bibliography that includes at  least six sources that have been cited in your term paper. Four of these must be print sources. There should be no more than one encyclopedia entry. Bibliography must follow the MLA format.Assessment:  Your paper will be assessed according to the following criteria:    • the extent to which and the level at which you follow the above         guidelines    • the quality of your sources and the extent to which you use them        appropriately        • the quality of your paper’s logic, specific support, historical accuracy,      and writing style.