1) Title page – Topic description (e.g., Introduction to t

1) Title page – Topic description (e.g., Introduction to the Scientific Method), date of laboratory (mm/dd/yy), course.section number (10X.0XX), & your name (Freedom Freeman, Jr.). Laboratory Report format: font – Arial, font style – regular, font size – 11 point, margins – 1 inch, justification – full, spacing – single, paper color – white, ink color – black. 2) Laboratory Questions – All questions must be typed & answered in complete, grammatically correct sentences (no abbreviations, slang, grammatical, or spelling errors). Laboratory reports must contain the same headings used in each topic section (e.g., Exercise 1A Heart Rate) All tables, graphs, & charts must be computer-generated, appropriately titled & labeled. All freehand drawings must be appropriately titled & labeled. Do not leave any questions blank. Blank question = “0”Insert your computer-generated name (using Microsoft Word Insert, Header or Footer) & a page number (using Microsoft Word Insert, Page Number) on each sheet of paper & staple all sheets together before submitting your document. For your records, make copies of all assignments submitted to me. If you do not understand these instructions, then talk to me before submitting your 1st laboratory report for extra credit. Each laboratory report should be a professionally typed document. NOTE: Freehand drawing mean more to me than drawings cut & pasted from the internet. Note: I will not read laboratory reports that do not strictly follow these instructions. Failure to follow these instructions will result in NO EXTRA CREDIT POINTS. 3) Prelab, Postlab & Procedure Section-imbedded Questions – All prelab, postlab & procedure section-imbedded questions in each laboratory topic must be answered thoroughly.