1.Thomas Edison rose to fame after inventing the light bulb2

1.Thomas Edison rose to fame after inventing the light bulb2. It took Thomas Edison many years to come up with his invention but he did not give up instead he learnt from mistake.3. Similarly, in our own way we are just like Edison because when we learn new things, we always learn from our mistakes.4. The mistakes we make, helps to perfect our skills over time.Use one of the ideas for a personal essay from the list above. Your essay should stir readers into thinking about and remembering their own experiences.The essay should be 550 to 800 words in length. This essay does not require incorporating any external sources.For more information about how to write a personal essay, please review the major elements that define personal essays in Chapter 6 of Essentials of College Writing, which include character, plot, purpose, action, and point of view. You may use first person and may incorporate dialogue (using quotes) if appropriate. Keep in mind that your essay is about connecting the story to your readers to expand their own reflection on a life experience.