1) The colonists created the Stamp Act Congress in response

1) The colonists created the Stamp Act Congress in response to the Intolerable Acts implemented by the British government. a) Tb) F————-2) Which if the following best describes the feelings of the colonists that lead to their rebellion against the British government?a)The colonists felt that the British were treating them unfairly.b)The colonists felt that the British government was violating their rights.c)Both a and bd)The colonists had a long thought out plan to overthrow the government because they wanted to expand America.————-3)What is the significance of the phrase “the shot heard round the world”?a)It marked the start of war between the American colonists and the British.b)It was the biggest massacre of American colonists.c)It was the first time the British government gave in to the American colonists demands.d)It highlighted the peace negotiations between the British and American colonists after the end of the war.————-4)Why did the colonists parallel John Locke’s philosophies on government in the Declaration of Independence?a)John Locke’s ideas about government did not support tyranny.b)He primarily believed in the divine right of the British kingship.c)He felt that the American colonists needed the British government.d)None of the above————-5)Why were the Articles of Confederation so important to the development of the US government?a)It laid the foundation for the US armed forces in preparations for war against Britain.b)t was Britain’s written constitution for America.c)It was the treaty signed by the US and Britain to negotiate terms for reconciliation.d)It was the first attempt at establishing the official US government.————-6)What was the biggest contrast between the Articles of Confederacy and Britain’s unitary governmental system?a)All powers lie within the national government in the unitary system but this is not true of the government established by the Articles of Confederacy.b)The Articles of Confederacy give all the powers to the states and the national government has none.c)The national government in both the system established by the Articles of Confederacy and the unitary system have the same amount of power.d)The Articles of Confederacy give all of the power to the national government while the unitary system distributes power between levels of government.————7)What was the main argument between the Anti-Federalists and the Federalists?a)If they should implement a unitary governmental system like the British government.b)Giving the states no powers.c)Allowing Britain some control within the government.d)The disagreement on a strong national government.———-8)The Anti-Federalists desired a more powerful national government.a) Tb) F———-9)When was the Bill of Rights ratified within the US Constitution?a)1791b)1787 c)1792d)1788———-10)Which of the following is considered the focus of the first successful civil rights movement in the United States?a)The civil rights of disabled persons.b)gay rightsc)equal payd)abolition of slavery