1.&nbsp Describea time when you engaged in destructive conflict

1.  Describea time when you engaged in destructive conflict. In what way(s) would applyingconcepts from the guidelines for effective communication during conflict haveenabled you to turn this destructive conflict into constructive conflict?Explain. Do not forget that even though interpersonal communication often dealswith personal relationships, the principles and concepts generally apply towork relationships. Consider putting your answer to this question in thatsetting.2. Our Time is at an End Discuss the different ways theclient-professional relationship can end.Which endings do you think would be easier for both theclient and the professional? Which do you think might be harder? Why?How could you, as the professional, ensure a smoothtransition or ending for your client? What techniques would you use?WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AND NOT PLAGIARISM OF ANY SORT