(1) Evaluate productinnovation at Gillette throughout its hi

(1) Evaluate productinnovation at Gillette throughout its history. Has Gillette been a victim ofits own success? Has product innovation in the wet-shaving market come to anend? Explain.Gillette had dominatedthe personal shaving market for quite a long time. They did not focus onproduct innovation very much, and when it did, it focused on acquiring existingproduct lines. In 1962, when Wilkinson Sword launched its stainless-steelblade, Gillette finally had competition. Wilkinson Sword could not exploit theniche it had created and Gillette was able to purchase much of their existingblade business. However, the damage was done and the competition dropped theirmarket share to an all-time low.Gillette continued todiversify their product line, but was met with mixed success. It was at thattime that Gillette gained even more dominance in its market by their productdevelopment. It began continuously attacking its own products. From the Trac IIto Atra to Sensor to Mach3 to Fusion, Gillette kept on innovating and attackingit own products. It revolutionized the wet-shaving market throughout the worldthrough continuous evolution in their product line since its inception.In many ways Gillettehas been a victim of its own success – when they were being innovative, theywere ‘cannibalizing’ their own successful products. While their newinventions drove up their sales, it often took away from the sales of itsprevious products and did not increase their market share.I do feel productinnovation in the wet-shaving market has come to an end. The five blade Fusiondid nothing significantly different from their own Mach3 and Schick’s Quattro.It also says something when introducing each new product, sales of the initialrazor were higher than refill cartridges. People are eager to try to the newproduct, but may be they aren’t pleased enough to buy refills, they like theirold product better, or they felt they were too expensive to continue to usethem.As a consequence,their focus has been on enhancing current products, developing complementaryproducts, and strengthening the brand as a whole using its successful marketingstrategy.(2) What do you makeof the battle between Gillette and Schick? Is the battle of one-upmanship goodfor either company?I’m not sure I wouldcall it a battle, as Gillette has maintained a majority of the market share.Schick came along and took away some of their market share with theintroduction of the Quattro, but that has been the extent of the’battle’.This one-upmanship didbenefit Gillette. It propelled Gillette to take a good look at it’s strategy.They focused on converting consumers to higher priced razors and expand intonew world markets.However, ‘thebattle’ wasn’t as good for Schick and often isn’t for other companiesembroiled in this type of war. When a business moves their focus from what theconsumers need and desire, to only what your competitor is doing, you can losethe opportunity to expand the reach of your market share.(3) What actions wouldyou recommend over the next five years that would help Gillette maintain itsworldwide dominance in the shaving market? What specific marketing programdecisions would you recommend? Should Gillette be worried about Schick?Explain.I like the steps thatthey are taking right now. The development of complementary products coupledwith its sports cross promotion is one they should continue to pursue. It willcontinue to keep their name relevant and will enhance the brand name as awhole.There are a few othergrowth opportunities I see.1. They are heavilyfocused on male shaving, I would consider cross promotion with a female sportsteam, superstar or actress to appeal to women. With the world-wide marketshare, they can take advantage of other countries whose women may be influencedby Western lifestyles, that include women shaving being a part of everydaylife.2. There is 15 percentof the male population that doesn’t shave due to discomfort. Focus on productdevelopment for a razor that works for those men with sensitive skin.Gilletteshould always be worried about the competition. Schick is always one productaway from taking away market share.