1. Distinguishbetween the method of imposing criminal liabil

1. Distinguishbetween the method of imposing criminal liability upon a child under age seven(7) and a child of age fourteen (14). Include one (1) example of each method tosupport your response.2. Compare and contrast the methods that states usewithin their selection process for judges, and specify the selection criteriathat each state that you reviewed have in common. Provide specific examples tosupport your rationale.3. Identify at least two (2) risks associated withselecting judges via a non-partisan election process. Explain the key reasonswhy you believe each risk could potentially inhibit the fairness of trials.Provide specific examples to support your rationale. 4. Discuss the selection process for a federal judgenominee, including the background checks, senatorial courtesy, the confirmationprocess, and the assumption of office. Specify which influences you believe arethe most persuasive in the final selection of a judge. Provide a rationale foryour response.5. Judge John Doe, a judge in your state, has recentlyhad charges of ethical misconduct brought against him. Analyze three (3) stepsthat a judicial review board in your state (Virginia) would likely take, basedon the current judge removal process for your state. Provide a rationale foryour response.Need references APA formatting will run final answers to check for plagiarism