1. Determine two (2) ways in which presidential philosophy c

1. Determine two (2) ways in which presidential philosophy canimpact judicial decision making. Draw three (3) conclusions from the study.Provide specific examples to support your rationale.2. Specify the role that you believe politics can play when acourt hands down a decision on a divisive issue. Identify two (2) effects thata political party can have on the public interpretation of the court’s ruling.Provide specific examples to support your rationale.3. Describe two (2) key factors in the case of Windsor v. theU.S. that you believe led to the repeal of DOMA Provide specific examples fromthe video to support your rationale.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvfIiOK-4LQ  4. Summarize three (3) key issues that the DOMA decision of 2013addressed that fall under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.Indicate which of the three (3) issues you believe will have the greatestoverall impact on society in the future. Justify your response.  At least 100 words per question detailed APA formatting isrequired. Please don’t over bid for if you do it will be over looked. Lookingfor someone with good working knowledge on the specific topic at hand. Ifprovided a great answer, I will provide you will all the course work which is alot and will pay a great deal for you time and assistance. Thank you inadvance!