1. After viewing the video and theWhat is Theory lecture,

1. After viewing the video and theWhat is Theory lecture, and reading the article by Muller, I would likeyou to reflect upon the role theory has in enlightening yoursociological imagination.  Referencing Muller, identify yourself as aperformance-oriented or learning-oriented student. Why do you identifyas one or the other?  Think about Muller’s appreciation of a humanisticsociology.  Describe humanistic sociology in your own words.  What do heand others mean by conscientization?  Do you feel you have reached conscientization? Why or why not?  Exercising one’s sociological imagination meansunderstanding experience in relation to wider society.  Provide anexample of the socio-structural outcomes that may be derived fromindividual problems. How is understanding the sociological imaginationboth a blessing and a curse?   Provide your own experience with this. Discuss the various terms regarding sociological knowledge Muller putsforth (i.e. intellectual empathy, intellectual humility,inquisitiveness, critical self-awareness, agenticdisposition) and explain your relationship to them.  Pose one or twoquestions regarding social phenomenon (other than the questions listedin the powerpoint) that you would like theory to help answer.